Band - description

"seventeen seconds" were formed by German and Andreas in 1995. Them being big fans of "The Cure", the band startet out playing coverversions of their idol's greatest hits, along with own material. In 1997, the personnel of the band changed to form the current lineup:

Akam Justinek :vocal
German Köhler :drums
Rusty Zotin :bass
Wladimir Schamai :guitar
Andreas Reck :guitar

The band's music style is hard to describe. Influences are driven from alternative, grunge, rock, hardrock, pop, and other genres. The band itself decided to call its sound alternative due to variing guitar sounds/effects and experimental background vocals. Every song is a unique piece of work - you have to listen entirely to be able to describe the "flavor".

First recordings were made in May 1998 and took only 18 hours. Production was lowbudget, nevertheless songs like "When the world is dying" or "Nevermind" remain audible up to today. After that, over a two-year timespan, the band has recorded new material. Due to using band-owned harddisc technique rather than conventional analogue recording divices, these songs are completely different from the older ones, sometimes sounding somewhat strange, yet interesting.

After deciding to make all the songs available from the world wide web on sites like and, the band became the happy, yet surprised WebSoundAward Winner by listener's choice in Oct.'00, being picked from more than 700 bands on This enabled them to press 500 CD's for free, after having produced song material at own expense. Parallel to that, in dec.'00 / jan.'01 "seventeen seconds" were number 1 of the grunge charts for 5 consecutive weeks on, where they had over 300 listeners/downloads each day!

Rusty being a student of "media technics" in the northwest of Germany, the band was granted access to a university-owned studio in the end of Feb.'01 to create the forementioned new CD, titled "golden road". It was recorded and produced in 1½ weeks and written two weeks prior to the studio works.

Nowadays, our band doesn't exist anymore. All musicians are distraught over germany. We still promote our music via internet and hope for a good response. Whether we ever will play toghether again, it depends also on you..

The whole last CD "golden road" here.

Seventeen Seconds